About Me

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I am a PhD student in the Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior program at the University of Texas at Austin. My main research interests are in the growing field of Palaeogenomics, which uses DNA recovered from the tissues of ancient organisms to answer questions about their lives and evolutionary history. I work primarily with ancient humans, although I am interested in applying palaeogenomic methods to all sorts of interesting questions and organisms.


My current research is driven by two broad interests: regional population history and local adaptation. More details to follow…


I was born and raised in the Louisville metro area (Kentuckiana). I completed my undergraduate studies in Anthropology and Biology at Indiana University Bloomington in 2013. While at IU, I worked in the ancient DNA lab of Dr. Rika Kaestle. When I am not in the lab I enjoy cooking, reading science-fiction, and exploring the natural world.